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Here, you will find information regarding transportation services, UW car fleet registrtation, and the ASM bus pass. You will also locate fares for coach services like Badger Bus and Greyhound, as well as various rental car places.

Transportation Services
UW Transportation Services and customers share ownership in campus-wide transportation solutions. We are educated, informed and involved in transportation issues. Customers enjoy safe, affordable and flexible transportation alternatives.

Traffic Signal Research
You're driving your car, and you approach an intersection with a left-hand turn lane and a traffic signal. You drive into the turn lane, and wait for the arrow that permits you to turn left. When the green arrow appears, you turn. Simple enough, right? Click here to find the answer.

Accounting Services--Travel
This web site contains links for fleet vehcile expenses, expense reports for personal vehicles, and travel agency invoices.

Student Services
Learn about the Student Bus Pass program.

Wisconsin Highways
This is a great web site devoted to everything about the Wisconsin highway infrastructure. It covers everything from the history and organization of the State and County Trunk Highway system to the implementation of a uniform numbering system and the construction of the US and Interstate Highway systems.

Updating the Wisconsin Idea
During the next 20 years, 72,000 more people will call Dane County home. How much new housing will need to be built for them? How will all this new development affect agricultural land in the county? What will it cost? UW-Madison faculty are working with government officials on these and other questions to ensure that this growth does not lower the quality of life in Dane County.

Wisconsin Electronic Reader: Milwaukee Depot
"The first depot in Milwaukee, used by the Milwaukee & Waukesha Railroad and the Milwaukee & Mississippi Railroad from the opening of the Waukesha Road until the Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway acquired possession of the Milwaukee & Mississippi Railroad in 1868 and diverted the passenger trains to the Union Depot on Reed Street.

Railway Societies
The National Railway Historical Society seeks to preserve the history of the rails. In 1935 a group of rail historians formed the National Railway Historical Society. From fewer than 40 persons, the NRHS has grown to include over 17,000 men and women of all ages and professions in every state and many foreign countries, making it the nation's largest rail historical society.

Transportation at UW-Madison: Recommendations for an Integrated System
By students in Environmental Studies 600, December 1992. The purpose in creating this document was to analyze existing transportation data and to create a transportation plan for the UW-Madison campus community. By taking into account the possibility of an increased demand for campus parking they have developed several transportation recommendations. These recommendations were devised to be economically feasible for the university and environmentally sound for the campus and the Madison community.

Robot Invasion
Robot cars: Coming not-so-soon to a highway near you As Sojourner (the Mars rover) showed, driving by computer is not too difficult, when you don't have to worry about traffic -- or staying on the (non-existent) pavement.

The Scout Report: U.S. Traffic Problems
As the number of miles logged on the US Interstate Highway System continued to increase dramatically over the past decade, many major metropolitan areas have seen traffic and commuting times grow rapidly.

Land Use Index
The goal of Shaping Dane is to provide local communities with the opportunity to participate in community-based, technology-linked land use decision-making.

The Better Bus
If you need a ride home from UW-Madison to the Twin Cities over a break in classes, there is isn't a much better alternative than the Better Bus. It is a student-run business that caters to the students. The drop-off and pick-up points are probably much more convienent for you than the Greyhound, and that's just one great feature. Plus, it's usually cheaper and faster than the Greyhound. If this portal were going to endorse a business, the Better Bus would probably be it.


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